Tuesday, February 2, 2010

About Inspiration

So, yesterday I was pretty tired all day and I had actually planned to turn in early BUT then I decided to write one, just one, short short (which I did) because I found that gorgeous site here and they had such a very alluring first line.

Anyway, that took about one hour but THEN I really wanted to grab some sleep. Why? Well, I had to get up early this morning and sleep deprivation makes me cranky and when I get cranky I get really, really cranky, as in homicidally cranky.

As I said, I was tired and I wanted to sleep. I was, in fact, already in my cozy warm bed, huddling under blankets. And then? And THEN! I fucking have an idea.

Lucky you, you my feel yourselves tempted to say. But, you see, I was TIRED and then I get a good idea that makes me stay up for another hour and a half and write it all down like something was burning under my damn fingernails (turning off the light doesn't help. I tried. Only ink on paper helps, alas). That always happens to me. And care to know what's worse? The more tired I am, the more ideas I get (and they often turn out to be quite good too). On top of that, this kind of inspiration always kicks in when I have to be someplace the next morning, as in bright and early. And I did mention the part about being cranky, yes?

So, why is whatever muse is punching my brains when I just want to sleep nocturnal when there are perfectly good afternoons available? (And people still wonder why I drink as much coffee as I do. Philistines.)

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