Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Moonrise and Exhaustion

Spring just arrived. It is beautiful and not to mention warm. Well, warmer anyways than in the last couple of months which--let's face is--was a pain, no matter how much you like winter, and I like winter a lot.

Currently, I am feeling very busy (probably because I am busy). I'm doing about a poem a day and keep wishing, quite fervently indeed, that I had more time to work on my stories. See, the funny thing is, only the other day, that is to say Easter Monday, I planned to do some work on a story that came to me about two days earlier while I was on my way visiting my folks for Easter. Now, if you will, you may guess. I did write a part of the story, just the first few lines, yet somewhere in between I began writing and actually finished another story that was basically just some spur of the moment thing. Needless to say, what I had actually planned to do, I somehow didn't get to. Urrgh.

And then today, I just feel incredibly, almost painfully tired. I'm much counting on tomorrow these days.

As a humble homage to cooler and even shorter days, as a way to say my goodbyes, I decided to have this picture of an early moon rising here. What wolf out there (and for that matter, what tiger) doesn't appreciate a nice-looking moon?

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