Monday, May 31, 2010

Candy (and Fish)

Just a little update on my writing activities. I am now writing about candy. Of course, there is going to be gore involved and who knows what else, but for now, I am thinking sugar canes.

This had to happen sooner or later. I have a sweet tooth. I am notorious when it comes to chocolate cakes. This is just a natural progression.

Even so, keep in mind that dark chocolate is my favorite, so my candy story will be one of dark chocloate and not something with the aftertaste of ostentatious sweetness. And yes, as mentioned above, there is gonna be some gore obviously. Still haven't made up my mind about the explicit sex though (yes, thank you very much, as soon as it is convenient, I shall get myself a life).

Come to think of stories, just had one accepted a little while back. Has no chocolate in it, just salt and brine. It is delicious all the same. A link will follow as soon as it's published.

Btw: dark chocolate and strong, non-sugared espresso. The best thing ever.

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