Saturday, July 3, 2010

In Somnium...

Only yesterday, I awoke from a somewhat surreal dream to find that two of my poems have been published in Danse Macabre's XXXVII-th issue, Somnium. It's a great issue and not what you'd expect. I so hope that they'll put together an anthology sometime. The artwork on this site is so enticing, so, yeah, singularly macabre that I find it's almost a trademark. I'd love to see it in print.

Speaking of anthologies, I now own my very own copy of Twice the Terror, The Horror Zine's second anthology. Okay, granted, seeing as how I have poems in there, I might just be a little biased. Look at the cover, flip through the pages and make up your mind. I doubt you'll be disappointed.

(And while you're at it, or just to get a feel for The Horror Zine's taste, read my latest story Bones for a Pillow in the July issue.)


It is terribly hot outside. I am quite certain that I have a quantitiy of Transylvanian blood in my ancestry, so all the brightness and heat make me suffer terribly. My pale skin is in constant danger of blistering and I feel like falling asleep almost constantly while the sun is up. Only after sunset do I feel some semblance of spirit return to me. Oh, How I love the night!

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