Friday, August 6, 2010

...Writing A Vampire Story

Yes, well. I guess it had to happen sometime. Actually, I like good vampire stories, but obviously, not all of them are. (Surprisingly, you can write a whole series of bad vampire books and sell them too. You'd guess it was black magic...) I know that editors in general prefer not to find vampire stories in their inbox because most of them do the same thing over and over again, supported by only mediocre writing. Really, I understand. I just like the classics, y'know...

Well, of course I try to make it not one of these stories. In fact, I find that I have trouble getting more vampire into my vampire story, because at about 2,500 words, no blood has been sucked yet; no dark cape has been a-fluttering and no helpless idiot-damsel has gotten herself into trouble. Perhaps my story will not be a total disaster after all.

I shall go back to writing about the undead now. I did some research a while back, but I'll have to re-acquaint myself with a few of the, er, juicier facts. Oh, how I delight in google's efficiency.

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