Thursday, September 23, 2010

I Am A Poet...

...and that's not a bad thing. I'm not even complaining. It's just that, well, I'd love to see some of my prose pieces published as well. I do have a couple stories scheduled to appear next year, but recently, many of my beloved poems have found a home. Again, I'm not complaining here.

With great poetry comes great responsibility. Is that right? Does it fall to us poets to change the world? Uh, does anyone really thing that's a good idea? While it's true that I sometimes have political themes in my poems, I don't really consider myself a political person. Also, I write about a lot of faith and belief systems but I am not religious.

Then again, does any of that really matter?

Personally, I think of poems as pieces of thought, ideas that you can mull over in your head, glimpses of different places that leave a distinct taste of something other behind. Some really good poetry is addictive and you just have to come back and read it again and again, and then some.

At any rate, a good poem should always tickle your brain somehow, and if it does, does the theme really matter?


  1. I was just looking over my publications for the last year and discovered the same thing as you; far more poetry credits than prose. Time to start writing some more short stories, I think :)

  2. Similar problem here: I actually write and submit far more prose than poetry -- but I only started publishing poetry last year, and I already have as many poems published as I have stories (and I've been submitting fiction to all and sundry for five years now). It's pretty crazy, no?

  3. @Radio: Crazy, yes (editors' choices are often really surprising in the poetry department) but I think it's crazy in a good way:)