Saturday, January 15, 2011

Croatian?!? Yeats! and sailing stones? WTF?

Prague in winter with snow falling.

Erm. Yes, what a most interesting heading for a blog entry. I really do have no excuse. On a completely unrelated side note, please take notice of how I am using only one space after a period. I know it to be the right thing to do.

A hero?

Okay. Croatian. How 'bout that. Recently, I did a little google digging (how boring is that?) and can you imagine what I found! Yes! It is a rhetorical question, right you are! I found Croatian! Not just anything Croatian, mind you. What I found was my poem Early Insomnia, first published in the unequaled Apparatus Magazine translated into Croatian, right here. Now, I am not a stickler or anything, but I do figure that translating something that I wrote without my consent is not entirely okay in a legal sort of way. Not that I wouldn't have given my consent. It would have been just really nice to be asked! You know?

Seriously, what is it with me and skulls? (World Peace, just sayin')

Then, google also revealed Yours Truly and the much admired, beloved Yeats in one sentence. Where, you may ask. Why, right here. Eric mentions that my poem About Roses 'slight[ly] echoes of Yeats'. What greater praise could there be? Not that a poet necessarily needs praise. At least, poets pretend they do not need praise when indeed they do but nobody seems to care. I will shut up about that topic right now, because it could fill another blog entry, so I might deal with it later. Might I say, mind you.

Life is so pretty in all its moments of being where you are supposed to be...

And I said Sailing Stones. Those are just weird. I haven't actually done all that much research yet, but it would seem that your average stone in Death Valley just moves, like, well, no idea like what because I never heard anything like it. Just moves! I should write a poem about that, or a story.

And somewhere, there are angels.

What have those pictures to do with this blog entry anyway???

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