Monday, September 15, 2014


I am very proud to tell you, Reader, a little bit about Superpow today. It's a neat little collection that packs a punch, thanks to all the Red Penny Papers alumni (including yours truly) who contributed and of course the fabulous editorial eye of KV Taylor. Naturally, Superpow follows the proud tradition of the pulp magazine, so if that is your thing (oh, Reader, but it will be after you read it!), mark the release on October 27 in your calendar. If you also like superpowers in your pulp fiction (mouthwatering, no?), take a red Sharpie and circle twice.

Now, I have reason to be especially proud here, because Superpow is the first Red Penny Papers release that contains poetry, and being an editor's choice for first poet is pretty cool. I'll share some excerpts with you.

The first few lines are from Ice Child:

"Sometimes I ask the ice to tell me where to find them

and then I walk, however far,

just to steal a glimpse: red seal blood on the frozen water."

These are from Lightning Time and the Time of Thunder:

"when first the universe was hatched

was there another runner

that made it spin,

surfed its expanding waves?

And then:

if she exists, how can I find her?"

See you on Release Day!

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