Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Luminous Dreams

So it would seem Alexa Piper (who happens to be my alter ego) has a book out today.

Ms. Piper is very excited. She is also very busy with staring at her book's cover. Of course it is a very pretty cover as you can see, but not so pretty that it warrants leaving fingerprints all over the computer screen from where you have been trying to feel the book reach for you with its luminous serenades, it's enthralling dreams.

Anyway. I tried talking to Ms. Piper about it all, but really, she's too busy with hitting the refresh button on amazon.com (it is also the reason why she has been unable to update her own website I suspect.)

Should I be able to get a few words rather than cooing sounds out of her, I will inform you, dear Reader, of what she has to say.

All I could gather was that you'll find eight tales in here, that Ms. Piper has attempted to be realistic in her fantasizing (meaning not everyone's straight and white), and that the cover really captures the mood.

Feel free to spread the word. And let me know if you wanna invite Ms. Piper over to your online home to say a few things about her book; she should be able to talk coherently again real soon. ;)

ETA Sep 27: She finally managed to write her own announcement; how she is not concerned about Valerian, I have no idea...

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