Monday, November 20, 2017

A Story's Story

Last February, I sold a story to Ranylt Richildis of Lackington's Magazine while she was adventuring through Europe. Lynn Hardaker was showing us around Regensburg, and all in all, the pleasant company made it an amazing day.

I was talking about selling a story. It was a piece I had submitted to Lackington's more than two years earlier, and since it didn't fit in well with the issue back then, the piece had gotten a very nice rejection letter that lauded the "excellent picaresque pacing." What amazed me most was that it had left a strong enough impression on Ranylt for her to remember it, two years on, and to still want to buy it.

Of course, there are masks in that story, and masks can leave a strong impression.

At any rate, The Master of Hourglasses will appear in Lackington's #16, Trades, which will be released on Nov 22, and I am very excited about this. It is set in the same universe as another story I wrote, The Marriage of Ocean and Dust (in which there is a golem, and alchemy of course,) a piece Ranylt helped find a home for in Postscripts to Darkness.

I hope you'll head over to Lackington's and read a little bit (may I selfishly direct you to Hel?). If you like what you see, consider supporting that very special venue through a subscription, and be very sure to read The Master of Hourglasses once it comes out, it might just leave an impression on you as well. Enjoy the adventure!

ETA: Issue #16 of Lackington's is now live. Additionally, after reading The Master of Hourglasses, Lynn Hardaker said some nice things about it here.

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