Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Twice the Terror

...I constantly forget to mention that I'll have poems published in my first anthology, which is pretty big (not the anthology, that I'll be published in one).

Looking forward to 'Twice the Terror: THE HORROR ZINE'. It looks fabulous already, believe you me!

Forbidden Roads and More

Finally taking some time to update here.

First off, stuff of mine has been published:

There was this one poem that Word Salad Poetry Magazine accepted for publication. It's called 'The Cup' and you can read it here.

Then, Monkeybicycle told me that they'd taken my one-sentence story 'Cleansing'. Came as a little surprise this one, because I had practically forgotten that I ever submitted it. Go here to check it out, you'll have to scroll almost to the bottom though. Personally, I'd recommend that you read instead of just scrolling.

Also, the wonderful Cabinet des Fées has taken one of my poems for their May issue. I just love that site, it most definitely is worth spending some time with. The poems are all great and most of them I read at least twice. And the stories are colorful, inspiring. Read, read all!

Lately, I've been working more on stories myself. Either I need a little break from all the poetry or perhaps I should try something new, like rhyming things for instance. I'm not sure about that though. I always figured I was a girl who'd have to do without rhymes...

Which reminds me, only the other day I was finishing a story which had all the potential for a dark and unhappy ending, and can you guess what I did? I turned it into a (more or less) happy ending which I'd never guessed I'd in me, not like this at any rate. Wow. Still astounds me.

Other than that, I am still a little obsessed with girls and wolves and forbidden roads. And with skulls. Never let anyone tell you that skulls aren't adorable, because they are.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Writing, Wells, Lost Time, and for Some Inexplicable Reason, Banana Pancakes

Oh my, just where did all that time go? Did aliens take it? Bigfoot? Tibetan monks? I have been so busy for the last couple of weeks, I don't seem do get anything done properly, like, for instance, writing my blog...or write other stuff such as poems or stories. When I do get to write stuff though, it seems to be involving wells these days, hence the picture (but in my writing, they don't ever come over quite as quaint as this one...).

Anyhow, that is not quite enough to keep my writing from getting published. Three of my poems will appear in The Horror Zine Anthology Book 2. It's the same poems that you can take a look at here, but don't you agree that writing on paper can be so much nicer?

One of my poems, The Cup, was just accepted by Word Salad Poetry Magazine. So keep your eyes peeled for that. I think that, incidentally, it has something to do with time and the loss thereof, or more precisely the abandonment of being attached to time, as in live in the here and now. Gee, you should never ask an author what it is they write about...

I do suppose though that time and wells go well together (oh man, absolutely no pun intended, believe you me). Right. I really just wrote that. Well (rrrrgh...), I'll deal with that later. For now, I'd best get back to, ah, waiting for some sort of inspiration to hit me on the back of my head with a wooden spoon or possibly and iron pan. Reminds me, I have been thinking about banana pancakes a lot lately...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

...And Down!

Ooooh...and--due to exhaustion (12 hrs of training in the last two days)--I completely forgot to mention that the glorious Danse Macabre just published one of my flashes. This one, by the way, is a personal favorite.

Beastly Poetry

Two of my poems are forthcoming in Enchanted Conversation's 'Beauty and Beast' issue. I think I might have less of the beauty in my poems, though I suppose that depends on your point of view.

Anyway, YAY!!!