Saturday, July 11, 2015

Announcement: All Our Dark Lovers

A long while back, a little over three years actually, I announced publication of my first collection of stories and poems with Morrigan Press. This will not happen. As you can see from the original post, the collection was supposed to come out in 2013, but that never happened. There was hardly any noticeable movement in the production process, very few updates or progress reports, and in the three years since I have lost count of the many unanswered emails I sent to Mark Deniz (when I asked about voiding the contract, I received a response within two hours.)

This is disappointing, hurtful, and just plain sad on a number of levels, but I do not really want to spend time outlining everything here. I do feel sorry I made the announcement and was never able to show any progress to people who might have been looking for it; this must have seemed like an insincerity on my part, but it was not. After all, I had a signed contract and the hope to be able to rely on that. Whatever the worth of experience might be, I could have done without this particular one.