Monday, September 10, 2018

Tales from the Same Place

Today, you can read all about Tigerflies. I wrote a story about them which is called Tigerflies or The City of the Night (it appeared in Mithila Review), and it's a bit weird, but that's okay.

If you like this story I have something interesting to tell you, Reader, something you may have sensed or suspected but could never be quite sure about.

My Tigerflies story is set in the same universe as a few other pieces you may have seen or might want to go read. There are no characters that move from one tale to the next, nor is the time period the same for all these tales, it's just that the stories all come from the same world, a place that has manticores and chimaerae and sometimes even magic.

Look, I made a list for you to explore:

There. I hope you'll find the reading of these tales enjoyable; not exactly enjoyable perhaps, but maybe entertaining? After all, these stories are a little weird, but I told you from the start that weird
was okay...