Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Chimaera: A Monstrous Creature of Many Parts

 Chimera Apulia Louvre K362.jpg

In Greek tradition, the chimaera (or chimera) is a monster with the head and body of a lion with a second head growing from its back and a snake’s body and head as its tail. As if that were not illustrious enough, the chimaera also breathes fire.

A chimaera outside of mythology is still understood as one thing (or creature) cobbled together from parts of other things (or creatures) not unlike Victor Frankenstein’s monster.

It’s not surprising that an anthology that brings together 24 tales of 24 different writers all writing about chim(a)erae is an excellent idea, and I am very grateful to Rhonda Parrish for thinking it up. Her “C is forChimera” (part of the Alphabet Series) made me write the story for the letter A, and A is for Alchemy.

A is for Alchemy blends mythology and alchemy in a second world setting, which doesn’t sound very interesting, so I’ll quote someone else:

The story is an eloquent descent into madness, and the world-building is subtle and deft. “A” plunges the reader into the anthology full speed ahead. (Stephanie A. Cain)

For readers who enjoy Alchemy and it’s world, The Marriage of Ocean and Dust, which also deals with alchemy, is set in the same world. And if you haven't yet read the anthology but plan to, enjoy!