Tuesday, April 27, 2010

(Don't) Read This!

I have recently discovered a new hobby; writing hopefully mildly enjoyable yet always informative reviews about books on amazon.

I mean, we all--or at least most of us--read those and personally, I usually find a decent critique helpful and I am always grateful for a warning about certain teeny-supernat-romance drivel. Who isn't.

Also, you can be concise without having to bother to follow any proper form apart from what you yourself wish to relate about a book. Reminds me a little of graffiti and those have been popular since...olden times.

And of course, after you read something you really enjoyed, don't you just wanna tell the world about it? That is why, of late, I find myself reviewing and it is much more relaxing than, say, solitaire. Makes me hope for enough time to read that which I can later review.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


My poems just appeared on Enchanted Conversation. It's a great blog magazine, and a place in which you can lose staggering amounts of time, so why not go ahead and see for yourself?

My poetry is here...enjoy the read!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Moonrise and Exhaustion

Spring just arrived. It is beautiful and not to mention warm. Well, warmer anyways than in the last couple of months which--let's face is--was a pain, no matter how much you like winter, and I like winter a lot.

Currently, I am feeling very busy (probably because I am busy). I'm doing about a poem a day and keep wishing, quite fervently indeed, that I had more time to work on my stories. See, the funny thing is, only the other day, that is to say Easter Monday, I planned to do some work on a story that came to me about two days earlier while I was on my way visiting my folks for Easter. Now, if you will, you may guess. I did write a part of the story, just the first few lines, yet somewhere in between I began writing and actually finished another story that was basically just some spur of the moment thing. Needless to say, what I had actually planned to do, I somehow didn't get to. Urrgh.

And then today, I just feel incredibly, almost painfully tired. I'm much counting on tomorrow these days.

As a humble homage to cooler and even shorter days, as a way to say my goodbyes, I decided to have this picture of an early moon rising here. What wolf out there (and for that matter, what tiger) doesn't appreciate a nice-looking moon?

Friday, April 2, 2010

Bananas Here!

My Banana story is up at decomP. There are also buttons in it, so if for some reason, you do not like bananas quite as much as you should, think of the buttons first and foremost.

I am again thinking of banana pancakes. I have such a sweet tooth, it is embarrassing...I could tell you some stories, but I won't. Dignity or something. Or, even better, I'll write a story about my and all the delicious candy and nobody will ever know.

I need pancakes now. Enjoy the read.