Saturday, January 30, 2010

About Poetry

I was just thinking (okay, now you can all joke about that. Done yet? Good, let's get back then, shall we?). About poetry (more sniggering? YOU there, stop it! I have not mastered the Art of Patience yet!).

When I write a poem, most of the time I think of that poem as a knife that is supposed to leave a wound, yet before you can quite pull it out, dear reader, I give it a good, sharp twist. Does that make any sense or are you suspecting that I am off my meds? Mmmh.

What I want to say is that poetry is a rather bloody art, poetry has sharp claws, long and hideous, yet of so subtle a nature that you only ever glimpse them when it's already too late. At least that's what I think poetry should be and as we all know, opinions tend to vary and multiply. sometimes I could swear they fornicate too. My, my. I really enjoy blogging way too much. My best friend would blame my being single for that. Poor me.

Still, don't you agree that pens make magnificent blades?


I find patience a moste venerable quality. Why? Well, because it's so very, very hard to aquire.

I know and have known for a long time that I don't have as much patience as I'd like to. Especially if you want to teach people something (say, a martial art for instance), patience must be a central issue. So I, you know, tried to be more patient over the last couple of years. It worked quite well, but recently there's a Challenge. I won't use any names and I will not succumb to the sweet temptation of Talking Bad about somebody, even in an anonymous sort of way, just let me say this: I feel tested. And I so like to lash out and shout at people too, although, of course, I very rarely ever do.

But honestly, everybody out there, shut the hell up and LISTEN when somebody (like your sensei) is trying to explain something. Most of us don't do it to bore you. We have something important that we know you need to learn. Just a pointer. I'll try to be a little more like buddha now, i.e. patient. Wish me luck.

Thursday, January 28, 2010


It is snowing out there. Again.

Okay, personally, I don't really mind the snow, to the contrary, but out there it's all turning to slush and fast. And that on the one day I decide to wear my semi-fancy boots! Almost landed me on my backside--twice--and slowed me down considerably. I am just glad I didn't put on the fancy boots.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Forthcoming Fruit

Some time ago, I wrote a humurous little story about a bunch of primates, loads of bananas and an ape.

Soon, you'll be able to read said piece in decomP.

Meanwhile, I suggest that you go have some bananas. They're tasty, you know, and supposedly healthy.

About Blogging

I think I’m starting to like blogging. It’s like talking to yourself, only without moving your lips and all the noise that would make other people think you’re crazy. You may still be crazy, of course, but you write all the craziness down which may seem a little more eccentric and a little less crazy. So actually, if you’re, like, seriously crazy, blogging may just be the perfect cure for you! Either that, or becoming an author (yes, blogging authors are...beyond cure).

Sunday, January 24, 2010


It is cold outside.

Yet, I cannot help but think the snow looks pretty.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Reading Stuff

So, today I was Out There, reading one of my poems ('Fight Club', check out newleaf Issue 26) to the general (unsuspecting) public.

It went well, seeing as how this was the first time I ever read my stuff to, you know, people, as opposed to the walls of my room. They laughed, not because I managed to garble up all the words or fall off the stage headfirst, but because there were actually a few funny lines in there.

How glad I am that the newleaf editorial team invited me. How glad I am I was there. How glad I am I did not fall off that stage!

(Also, I wrote three poems and a flash today. It really was a damn good day. I'd very much like to have more of these.)

Words for Money

This may sound very capitalistic, but I have to admit that selling your work feels...good. Keep your eyes peeled for the September Issue of....Star*Line!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gorgeous Monstrosities; Enjoy!

"Follow the light, down the well, walls closing in, deeper, deeper, take a turn and then another--left, then right or left again--and always, follow the light!"

So, there are new things out there, a handful of poems and a tale, a little one.

First, there is the 'False Starts & Finishing Lines' Issue of Apparatus Magazine. Again, that issue is a treat just to look at, wintry cold, perhaps a little eerie. Take some time to read through all of it. It is worth it.

Then, it gets darker down the well. Check out my poems at The Horror Zine (and the skulls! Look at the skulls!). The whole Red Riding Hood theme is something I've been working with for quite some time now. I'll have to look at some other fairy tales soon, or make them up myself.

"See where the light led you, open wide those storm-soaked eyes and close your mouth against a scream."

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Beginning of a Story: The Tiger in the Bamboo Forest

"Once upon a time there was a mighty tiger, with fur black as midnight and as orange as a blazing sunset. His eyes were like two topaz gems and fiercer than any other tiger's eyes.
This tiger had found his way into an almost forgotten bamboo forest..."

So, those are the first few words of a story-to-be. I have a lot of these, stories that started in my head and were then committed partly to paper. I'm never entirely sure if or when I will finish them.

The sad thing is that you can have a really good idea for a story but then, somewhere in the middle, you realize something is missing. Or, you have an idea that strikes you like lightning and forces you to sacrifice your nights to write it down. Personally, I found that the more sleep-deprived I am, the more ideas I have. And then I have to get that stuff out of my head, that is, write it down.

So much for Creative Process.

Now, if you will, think about the tiger. What is he up to in this ancient bamboo forest?

Monday, January 18, 2010

How Did the Skulls Get in Here?

In December, there was a startling amount of acceptances. My poems appeared in 'Apparatus Magazine', which I like not only because red is my favorite color:
The titles the editor comes up with are inspiring. I like being inspired. 'Passages & Doorways' by the way reminded me of Neil Gaiman's 'Neverwhere'. I love that book.
More poetry and prose is forthcoming at 'Apparatus Magazine' too. I hope you're looking forward to it. I know I do.

Then, there was this: (check out 'The Arm' by Kevin Wilson too!)
Now, this site is b&w-gorgeous. They have amazing photographs and I could spend hours looking at them. In fact, I did. You should too. Also, read the written stuff.

In early January, I was surprised to find a little link to here in my inbox:
My poem 'In the East' is somewhere in the middle of the poetry section. I think the idea behind 'Danse Macabre' is absolutely brilliant, after all, what is literature if not border-less and international, speaking more to mind and heart than passport and nationality. Also, I like skulls.

That said, let me announce The Forthcoming:
There will be poems in The Horror Zine (again, it's the skulls that did it for me)
One humorous poem found lodging at Niteblade (which could do with more skulls)
Something of the literary genre went to decomP

That is all. For now. Concerning publications. I did get a whole bunch of rejections though, not few of them telling me that my writing was good or giving some useful advice. I love editors who take the time to do that. And I like skulls.

Work Published Before Dec 2009

Being a writer's blog, it seems only right and proper that the author's publications should be mentioned herein. Let's see. I'm afraid I won't quite manage to get it all in the right chronological order, and it's also both prose and poetry publications in here. Whatever, Dear Reader, I trust your multitasking/multitracking abilities.

There was, of course, Word Riot in November 2009:
These are two black humor poems. Well, perhaps there isn't all that much black humor in 'Pigeons'. Anyway. Moving on. Another poem, 'The Phoemix Is Dead' got a last minute acceptance from 34th Parallel and was published in October '09: (this one actually costs you money)
I like the poem, but the photo... it was then that I realized there are no decent photographs of yours truly in existance.

I also have two pieces on NightsAndWeekends, both flashes. Here's one:
and here the other:

Then, there's something of mine to be found in the underground e-zine 'Zygote In My Coffee':
Again, a flash.

'Bottom of the World' also printed one of my short stories (and one I particularly like, too). You can look at their homepage here:
My story 'In Her Room, Silence' appeared in Issue #3.

This should be all. Everything that happened before December 2009 anyway. I will post that stuff separately, just because. I do not like to be questioned or second-guessed.


I proudly announce that as of today, I have finally begun my very own blog, so curiously named The Tiger in the Matchstick Box. Things might quickly turn poetic around here, one might hope.