Monday, September 24, 2012

Dear Poem of the Ungodly Hour

Dear Poem of the Ungodly Hour,

I understand that you have a need to be written, and of course to be written, a poem like yourself has to knock down the door of a poet's mind and make just enough noise so the poet comes running, pen in hand.

I understand also that poems do not sleep. However, please consider that poets do indeed--and contrary to common belief--need the occasional visit to Morpheus's realm. We are just human. No sleep makes us cranky and unproductive. Also, I'm really not sure about the long term effects all that coffee has on the poetic mind. Would it hurt to be cautious?

Of course no poet would ever deny a poem's right to be written, but please, please, PLEASE, try to stick with the business hours. You can still show up when the moon's out and all (poets are nocturnal,) just be early enough so this poet can at least get, like, six hours of sleep.

I so hate being a cranky writer with a caffeine problem (cuz that's so cliché).

Love and kisses,
Your Poet

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

And the winners are...

From within the hat two names have been drawn : Ash Krafton will receive the signed copy, the unsigned one goes to James S. Dorr. (In case you are wondering what this is about, read up on the Niteblade Blog Train.)

Congratulations Ash and James!