Monday, May 31, 2010

Candy (and Fish)

Just a little update on my writing activities. I am now writing about candy. Of course, there is going to be gore involved and who knows what else, but for now, I am thinking sugar canes.

This had to happen sooner or later. I have a sweet tooth. I am notorious when it comes to chocolate cakes. This is just a natural progression.

Even so, keep in mind that dark chocolate is my favorite, so my candy story will be one of dark chocloate and not something with the aftertaste of ostentatious sweetness. And yes, as mentioned above, there is gonna be some gore obviously. Still haven't made up my mind about the explicit sex though (yes, thank you very much, as soon as it is convenient, I shall get myself a life).

Come to think of stories, just had one accepted a little while back. Has no chocolate in it, just salt and brine. It is delicious all the same. A link will follow as soon as it's published.

Btw: dark chocolate and strong, non-sugared espresso. The best thing ever.

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Just so I put something here, y'know...

I'm working on several stories at the moment. One of them is almost finished, just doing some final touches. Funnily enough, it is, in a way, about a tiger and was inspired by Blakes The Tiger:

What the hammer? What the chain?
In what furnace was thy brain?
(W. Blake)

I mean, this is just mind-boggling stuff. Kept me awake and haunted my dreams...

Anyway. I'm doing something about Arabian Nights which I never liked as a child but am rediscovering now. Also, Hänsel and Gretel, which is headed towards horror, and something about holding your breath which is headed towards I-know-not-where. Just for the record, explaining why you wrote what you wrote and what it means is a pain. Not that I don't think when I write, it just appears more abstract on the page than it seems when I think about it. Making sense yet? Good.

I still have a circus story somewhere, unfinished. It is not a funny story. I think I should work on that next, perhaps, but killing thieves with boiling oil also has its appeal...

Also, I know I saw a dragon story, somewhere. Must be hiding, mangy thing.

If only the day had a couple more hours, I could write more. It hasn't, and I can only type so fast. (Note to self: write poem about loss.)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fish, Anyone?

So here I am, writing about fish and when I say fish, I mean mermaids of course. The story of the little mermaid is somewhat sad, don't you think? I find it has great potential for drama...and bloodshed.

Also, I find that I had a lot of peotry accepted by the first market I sent the pieces to. I wouldn't complain, but sometimes I wonder if those poems couldn't have needed some more editing. Then again, I sometimes edit poems--very minor changes but still--whenever I read and re-read them. But forgive me, I was talking about fish.

Well, personally, I don't get the little mermaid. I mean, all that, just for some prince? Me, I feel much too independent for that sort of thing, and I do suppose I wouldn't mind living in the ocean myself.

Then again, doesn't the ocean always taste like fish (here's the vegetarian talking...)? I also heard people wondering whether it wasn't more a case of fish, tasting like the ocean, one pretty existential question that I might explore further in my writing (or not).

Sometimes, the morale of fairy tales doesn't feel all that right to me, or rather, it feels wrong for today, wrong for the world we live in. I think, the little mermaid today would have needed more than just feet, only what exactly she would have needed, I'm not so sure.