Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Cathartic Writing

What exactly does it mean when people tell you that they like your poems but that they might be just a little too dark? What does this say about you?

First off, let me tell you about the dark poems in question. During my research for one of them, I found that Jack the Ripper was extremely disturbed, and after looking at some of the old crime scene photographs (yes, there was such a thing back then), I wasn't really sure whether I wanted a poem about such a person anyway. But it was already there, I had begun writing it before I had actually researched anything, and it was too good to simply be deleted. I worked with it, played with it. (Play being the keyword here...) And, after all, the myth and mystery is just tangible, alone the Dear Boss and From Hell letters are enough to spark anyone's imagination.

In the other poem, I just worked with my current pet peeve, Red Riding Hood. I mean, seriously, we all know that fairy tales don't really deserve a PG-13 rating, don't we?

Well. I write poetry with a dark streak. I write disturbed poetry. I don't think I'd really argue that point. But I'd add that I also write poetry about people and the clockwork of their minds. Also, I would ask what it means that I write dark poetry and that there are readers out there who like reading it.

I think that of course, there is catharsis in reading, in drama. The Greeks knew it. Aristotele knew it. However, to no lesser degree, there is also catharsis in writing, and writing dark. This is one of the reasons why I like (writing) dark stuff.

Don't be afraid of the dark now. It's just your imagination.

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Sea Calls

After blogging about Rejection, here's to Acceptance.

The wonderful Enchanted Conversation published my story 'The Sea Calls To Them All' here. If you stop by to read, why don't you leave a comment on your way out? I like to know how people react to what I write.

Also, about death. Yeah, death and death again, get's kinda old, doesn't it? Even so, Danse Macabre will be publishing a short short of mine in one of their upcoming Du Jours. Keep your eye(sockets) peeled (or well-aired respectively).

I have to go rewrite stuff now that got not quite rejected/accepted. Fare ye well, and keep the sea in your mind, the sound of turmoil in your heart.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


For a change, I won't be writing about work of mine that got accepted, but about the stuff that didn't. Seriously, am I the only writer who gets rejections like "We really, really liked it but..."?

I mean, sure, it's sweet and all, and there isn't much I could be more grateful for than the editors' critique, but sometimes I just feel a little misunderstood. Okay, it is my fault since I'm the one writing that stuff people like but not quite enough to buy it. *Sniffle*

Also, lately I got several rewrite requests. Boy, that totally redefines stressful. I don't know what's worse, rewriting something for an editor or for yourself (me, I'd make a great critic). And how the heck do you rewrite a poem that seemed totally perfect? I'll even have to change the title which I totally picked with a reason and which I totally felt fit the piece. Urgh.

Even so, I prefer personal rejections to forms. It makes me feel so much more like a person. Not that I aim to collect more of them than I have to...

I shall go and sit in that corner now, broodingly contemplating my writing. So if you'd please excuse me...