Sunday, October 16, 2011

What You Can Do For Unfettered Voices

This is a little booster post for Fantastique Unfettered's first Annual Halloween Fundraiser. Follow the link to find out what your money will be used for (as little as $5 will support a poem!) Alternatively, we're also grateful to you if you help us spread the word so the voices of our authors will reach even more people all over the world.

Thank you to everyone!

If you followed that link above, you saw a couple of projects for 2012 mentioned there. For one thing, we will celebrate FU's second anniversary with a specially scrumptious edition of the zine, Shakespeare Unfettered. The name makes this one kinda obvious, and those of you who have been following other publications earlier this year may guess where we got the inspiration to do this. While SU will not be solely dedicated to LGBTQ, we certainly welcome it! Also, imagine Shakespeare reinvented with a different cultural background: we wanna know all about it.

Then there is the launch of the Aether Age ezine: imagine a world around two millennia ago with something so different in it that history took a decidedly steampunky turn: the Aether, a (seemingly sentient?) substance that connects the planets and allows space travel. Now, where would that take humanity? Wanna find out, better keep your eyes peeled for that new zine. Or, if you're of a writerly persuasion, go check out the AeA guidelines. New talents welcome.

For now, that is all, though I will end on saying that our one year anniversary issue, FU#4, is turning into quite the heavy hitter...