Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fantastique Unfettered #4 and Beyond

Among other things that happened in the last week, we finished FU#4, our one year anniversary issue. It is now at the printer's, and we hope the ink dries soon so physical copies can make their way into the world.

FU#4 was by no means an easy issue, but it's here now (well, almost,) and I believe here to stay. I for one know that I'll remember this issue for a long time, not just because of its sheer outward appearance. It has a certain gravity to it, a resonance. And a kick-ass magenta cover!

In the last week, we also announced our Pushcart Prize nominees for 2011, six authors, three poems and three stories from issues #2 and #3. As we told these authors about their nomination, we asked them if they wouldn't perhaps like to do a guest post or--in two cases--offer a short comment/reaction to their nomination as they had already done guest posts. Lisa M. Bradley was the first to share her thoughts with us, and let me tell you, greenhorn editor that I am, this was moving, the thing you hope people are thinking, but can't be quite sure they are. On top of this, another poet told me that upon finishing a poem, they cut the last stanza, thinking that "Alexa would say that's too much of a tell."


I guess I must be doing something right. I guess we at FU must be doing something right. That's all totally amazing, and I? Speechless.

Speechless, and hopeful as hell that the new Aether Age eZine will be as well received as FU. The official reading period for the eZine will start as the New Year begins here in the West, which is auspicious. Gods of the Hellenes, gods of Kemet, let there be prose and verse fit to move this editor's heart!