Monday, January 18, 2010

Work Published Before Dec 2009

Being a writer's blog, it seems only right and proper that the author's publications should be mentioned herein. Let's see. I'm afraid I won't quite manage to get it all in the right chronological order, and it's also both prose and poetry publications in here. Whatever, Dear Reader, I trust your multitasking/multitracking abilities.

There was, of course, Word Riot in November 2009:
These are two black humor poems. Well, perhaps there isn't all that much black humor in 'Pigeons'. Anyway. Moving on. Another poem, 'The Phoemix Is Dead' got a last minute acceptance from 34th Parallel and was published in October '09: (this one actually costs you money)
I like the poem, but the photo... it was then that I realized there are no decent photographs of yours truly in existance.

I also have two pieces on NightsAndWeekends, both flashes. Here's one:
and here the other:

Then, there's something of mine to be found in the underground e-zine 'Zygote In My Coffee':
Again, a flash.

'Bottom of the World' also printed one of my short stories (and one I particularly like, too). You can look at their homepage here:
My story 'In Her Room, Silence' appeared in Issue #3.

This should be all. Everything that happened before December 2009 anyway. I will post that stuff separately, just because. I do not like to be questioned or second-guessed.

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