Thursday, October 21, 2010

Things Published

'The world is waiting!  Hear my roar!'

Lately, there have been a handful of things published that happen to have my name on them.  To my utmost delight, even more are forthcoming:)

Thus, I felt it would be a good time to present some of those published items--all poems--here.

Sometime in September, a quintet of my (more literary) poems set out to travel distant lands.  They ended up in the poetry section of the Istanbul Literary Review.  At around the same time, another poem hitched a ride with Greensilk Journal.  This one, as well, is more of a literary nature.

And now, one to my speculative writing (which is pretty much most of my writing).  I still do much with and about fairy tales; I still work with Greek mythology too, but not as much as I used to.  Another display of my fairy-tale-ish writing can be found at the sparkly Cabinet des Fées, which in my mind is nothing short of a treasure chest of beautiful writing.

If I could add a link to a print publication, I would now be adding a link to my poem 'Curses' in Jabberwocky 5.  Since a computer is not a magic wand though, I will simply link to the ToC.  Mighty good company.

Oh, and then I rediscovered labyrinths for myself.  I have always liked them and I do have great childhood memories about one in the garden of an old castle, but so far, I have not written much about them.  Just a little.  Proof can be found in Labyrinth Inhabitant Magazine of course (where else?).  Note how there are still many fairy tale allusions in this one?

The last thing published so far (I hope I didn't forget anything) is more fairy tale poetry, this one another Red Riding Hood inspired poem.  It found a home in the second issue of Basement Stories, a mag that I'm sure is going places.

Okay, so that's all for now.  There is more coming, and soon.  I so love to see my writing get Out There, and on the way, meeting all those sweet and helpful people (yes, Editors, that does include you!) who offer comments or thoughts or often even better, critique.

Thinking about lions...

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