Sunday, February 13, 2011

Looking for Places that Yield Poems

So, lately I was thinking about mapping out the world a little more, poetry wise. That made me think that there is some amazingly engaging travel writing, but as far as I know little travel poetry. But I don't wanna side-track yet again.

I was basically thinking of places I'd like to go. At this point I'd like to mention that I'm happily considering suggestions.

Because lists are a great way of doing these things...(no order of preference here):

1. London
Have never been there. Figure there are loads of interesting places to see. Might be very touristy though.

2. Spain
Like, Barcelona or Madrid. I like the Spanish in general, I love the language.

3. Japan
Just my place. Temples, martial arts...seafood. Okay, just my place except for the seafood. I'd like to see Kyoto.

4. India
Elephants! And isn't India more or less the cradle of Buddhism?

5. New Zealand
Just because. New Zealand is old, and I like old things.

I did not put China on that list because I've been there. But! I would love to go back...only pity is that that would cut me off from Facebook and Twitter. Which reminds me, Egypt isn't on my list either. Oh dear, this shall not end in politics...


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