Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Snuck Merfolk Into Stone Telling!

Yes, I did. The tailed people come hidden in a poem, a 700+ words prose poem to be exact, A Masquerade in Four Voices. Of course there are more than just four voices in the poem, but who said poets should be able to count stuff accurately? Anyway, you can hear the poem on the site as well, took a lot of people to make this recording happen, because this poem, it's a dainty creature, only the best will suffice, and to be honest, this one was really demanding since the moment it wanted to be written just like that. A little stubborn, as poems go...

Emily Jiang
Mike Allen
Nathaniel Smith
Martin Kauper (audio editing)
Rose Lemberg and Shweta Narayan

Thank you so much guys! <3

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