Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Announcing "All Our Dark Lovers"

It is of course a deliriously happy author who may announce her very first book, that much goes without saying, doesn't it?

I take the fact that I am writing this as April has just turned into May with Beltaine (or whatever it's called in your neck of the woods) as a good omen, and present to you with delirious elation All Our Dark Lovers, a collection of stories and poems (it contains the Masquerade poem, but also new things).

Many, many thanks to Mark Deniz of Morrigan Press for giving my manuscript a chance (have I mentioned the official announcement?) Also, thanks to Katey Taylor for general supportiveness ;)

All Our Dark Lovers will be released into the wild in 2013, on Valentine's Day. Get a black magic marker please and draw a cute black heart around Feb 14, 2013, on your calendars, will you? Or let your phones and smartphones remind you, that's fine too.

*happy dance!*

ETA 7/6/15: After more than three years, I can now say that the collection is not going to be published by Morrigan Press. A post on the matter will follow, but basically there was hardly any forward movement in the preparation of the manuscript or anything related to it from the side of the publisher, and my emails regarding this were hardly ever answered. I didn't want to be told the same excuses over and over again and so asked to void the contract.

ETA 7/11/15: That post is here now.

File:Diego Velaquez, Venus at Her Mirror (The Rokeby Venus).jpg


  1. Congratulations Alexa, that is wonderful news. I hope the months between now and the release don't drag for you, it seems like a long time to wait. Still, I reckon you'll be having a more than a few butterflies as the day approaches. Well done.

  2. David, thanks! And yes, butterflies, whole swarms! Well, it is a long wait, but I figure that kinda forces me to keep busy, as in keep writing ;)

  3. Congratulations. That is wonderful news. Are you using the Velásquez for the cover, Alexa?

    I really love that picture. I've got it on my wall, and I've published a story featuring it.

    1. Thanks, Deborah! No on the cover though. It will be a little newer than this, but no less beautiful I'm sure.

  4. We're honoured to have your wonderful book in our catalogue, Alexa!

  5. Congratulations! I am thrilled for you.