Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sci Fi Writing Month...belated final update

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February is over, and I should have been writing a lot of sf, except I didn't quite manage to get anywhere near the word count I wanted to.

The reasons were quite simply health issues, so that sucks, but on the plus side, there was no procrastination on my part involved, which is good. And I did end up with the beginning of a new story, also another entry in the plus column.

To sum this up, while this SciFi Writing month was as much of a success as I wanted it to be, I'll definitely do it again next year, maybe even set a total word count goal or something.

But while there were no major breakthroughs in terms of sf this past month, I did sell some things. Take Me found a home at inkscrawl, and On the Tree was bought by Liminality, and I am very, very happy to have both these poems on my list of forthcoming works, even happier to have them appear in those zines, so yay!

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