Wednesday, April 18, 2018

From the Vaults: The Star Reader's Almanac

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The Star Reader's Almanac

By Alexandra Seidel

The night is open like a book begging to be read
there is, in its starry letters, catabasis to be had
and the dream of falling up and under
the spell of sky

I bind my firmament to the night sky
and the night sky binds to all other things
above and beyond, links
fates together like soft wool to thread

Inscribed book of firmaments and fates,
rocks pages like cradles just beyond that strip
of horizon, trips black holes in words,
grudges in their own dark,
and longing in the distance between stars
This poem actually began with the first line, which just happened to plant itself in my brain during a bout of creativity. The rest just fell into place around it like any constellation would.

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